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I am not a professional. This is my passion, my hobby, my post-work unwind. I share this because it keeps me honest. It gets me out on those cold early mornings and unfriendly evenings. It gives me a a reason to explore. It is my mindfulness practice. It is an expression of my creativity. It is my passion. I simply love taking photos and then doing something with them.

What you see on these pages is a mix of straight landscape photography and the other end of the spectrum - images pushed to the edge.

If any of my images appeal to you and you feel that you must have one - or more - I am more than happy to accommodate you. All you need to do is email me (link below) and make me a fair and honest offer and its yours. How we do that, we can work out at that time. Like I said I don’t do this for a living.

If all you want to do is have a squizz feel free.

Greg H

An image is more than what is captured through my lens; so much more.

Greg Horgan


Sometimes I just have to see how far I can push an image. The taste is personal. I hope you like them, but if not … that's OK too.

Sky Blue … Tree Green

Lying down and pointing the camera upwards presented me with a fantastic view of what normally goes unnoticed

Spring Showing

I find it impossible to walk past a splash of colour in Spring.


Occasionally I venture into the streets and these are some of my favourites.


This is my fun gallery. I'll let the images speak for themselves.

White Knight Ballarat

What an amazing night it was. I have never seen so many people on Ballarat Streets. There were 40,000 out for the night and it was a truly magical night. These are my favourite memories of the Knight. Please enjoy.

The Grampians on Display

One of my favourite places in the whole world - the Grampians. My challenge, as always, is where to point the camera.

Magnificient Creatures

Birds and animals are always difficult to capture, but I do persist and each time I think I capture just a little more of their character and nature.

Lake Wendouree

I never tire of Lake Wendouree. It is simply magnificent in all seasons and all weather. These images were shot following recent heavy rain. This is the first time the Lake has risen to such heights in a very, very long time. This time a few years ago it was bone dry.

Black & White

I've always had a love-hate relationship with B&W. It is the ultimate challenge to get what is a great subject to express itself without full colour. So, here are my most recent attempts to come to grips with the modality. You be the judge.

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