Hi, I’m Greg Horgan and this is my shiny new personal web site. This web site serves two purposes. It’s first purpose first it is for fun. I will share photos and words - my photos, my words. Secondly, it is also a display of one of my other passions. I love creating nifty little web sites; have done for quite some years now.

I think it is important that people in my profession (the complementary health industry) have a web presence; both for promotion of their practice and for client information. Sadly, most practitioners don’t have a web presence and those who do, have paid too much for too little. So … I have decided to throw my hat in the ring. If you are a health practitioner and you would like to get online and do it at a reasonable price and have a quality product I am at your service.

As a health practitioner (Acupuncturist) I know what you might need and want in a web site - ie how to connect with new clients. Secondly, I know what works for us, because I have been making my own web sites for years now. Why not do a google search on Acupuncture in Ballarat and you will see what i mean. And when you are ready to plunge in you can contact me here.

You can check out some of the web sites I have constructed on the Sample Page.

Greg Horgan
May 29, 2016


Most people now Google their health practitioner?
80% plus of these searches are done on a mobile device?
Most health practitioner web sites I visit are not mobile friendly (ie known as responsive web sites)?

I love setting up small, efficient, fast, mobile friendly, and beautiful web sites.
I can do these for a relatively small fee.
I can do all of the leg work for you (except the words, you provide me with that).